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Sidas Winter Merino 3D

Winter Merino 3D

Enjoy real comfort and warmth during winter activities. The 3D shape supports your whole foot, while the merino overlay and insulating film keep your feet warm. Ideal for winter sports.

The Winter 3D insoles are designed for winter sports. The merino overlay keeps your feet warm during activities in the cold. The aluminium film underneath also provides the perfect amount of insulation.

The EVA shell will stabilise your foot and prevent unwanted movement. The heel pad provides special cushioning.

  1. EVA foam: Instant comfort under the whole foot.
  2. Merino overlay: Warmth and odour absorption.
  3. Aluminium film: Insulation.
  4. EVA shell: Foot support and stability.
  5. EVA heel pad: Cushioning
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