3Feet® Concept

Feet are unique in many ways. Our 3Feet® concept generalises these characteristics into shape, movement and their pressure.

Categorising them into three different foot types:

  • HIGH- arched feet
  • MEDIUM- arched feet
  • LOW- arched feet

Each foot type having different characteristics and requirements.

Support where it counts. Cushioning where it's needed.

Next level comfort, guaranteed!

How to choose the right 3Feet®

To find out what foot type you have, you can do this simple test.

You will need:

  • A bowl of water or use the bath.
  • A dark piece of paper (a brown or manila envelope will work).
  • Your feet!
  • 1. Wet your feet

    Dip one of your feet in the bowl of water/ or you bath, and shake off any excess.

  • 2. Make an impression

    Press your wet foot onto the paper/envelope as if you were walking over it.

  • 3. Match it

    Match the foot print with the pictures above. This will give you your foot type. If, you feel like you're between two then opt for the high arch.