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Trail Endurance | Ultra Running Sock

Trail Endurance | Ultra Running Sock

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High definition running socks designed for ultra runners, where endurance is paramount to success. These socks are built to impove the sensation and the performance of runners covering longer distances.

The progressive calf compression will stabilize the muscle and help reduce shocks and vibrations running through the leg resulting in less fatigue and enhanced recovery times.

The socks construction around the feet is very thin and strong to maximize the sensation of the foot with the the insoles and so, the ground. The 3 gripping bands will ensure a high contact of the socks with the insoles of the shoe. The Synergy Fit construction, based on database of 400,000 feet scans, will enhance the benefits when used with our insoles, for greater stability and sensation.

  • Progressive calf  Compression : A progressive calf compression will stabilize the muscle while running and will help the recovery during and after the run by acting on the blood compression of the lower part of the leg.
  • Thin and strong : The Socks  has a very thin construction thanks to our synergy fit design, it is one of the lightest of its category. It is made of very high quality yarn  to keep it strong and durable. 
  • Gripping Band : A band of silicon yarn is added to the socks construction in order to improve the grip between the socks and the shoe insoles to enhance the benefits of the insoles.

43% multifilament polyamide
39% polyamide
13% elastane
4% silicone
1% reflective yarn

Designed in France/Made in Europe

Synergyfit technologie SynergyFit™
Polygiene  Odor control Polygiene
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