Why should you get a 'proper' ski boot fitting?

Why should you get a 'proper' ski boot fitting?

The compelling reasons why you should go to a recognised ski boot fitter.

For all of us who flock to the mountains in winter for the perfectly groomed slopes or the freeride heaven, we know that perfectly fitted ski boots can make our break your day, your week, or even your year! That’s why it’s vitally important to visit a professional boot fitter, their knowledge and skills honed over many years can be invaluable to your skiing enjoyment. As many of you may have experienced, ill-fitting boots can lead to a wide range of agonising injuries and problems such as blisters, pressure points, and cold or numb toes.

Scanning the groups on Facebook the question is always asked… which ski boots are the best?! Often the most common answer is “go and see a professional boot fitter”. Here are some compelling reasons why you should go to an experienced ski boot fitter for your next pair of ski boots.

No 1. Comfort!

When visiting a recognised and experienced ski boot fitter you almost ensure that your boots fit your feet properly. In this industry it is the case that ski boots choose you, rather than you choose the ski boots. Each brand and model of ski boots differ in shape, feel and flex. So, by working with your ski boot fitter and go into your fitting with an open mind you’ll be able to get the best fitting ski boot for you, reducing discomfort and pain during skiing.

Better Performance

Well-fitted ski boots enhance your skiing performance. A snug and precise fit allows for better control over your skis, translating to improved technique, balance, and responsiveness on the slopes.

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Ill-fitting boots can compromise your safety. Boots that are too loose may not provide the necessary support and stability, increasing the risk of injury. On the other hand, boots that are too tight can restrict blood flow, causing cold-related issues and discomfort. It’s the ‘Goldie Locks’ goal… getting your ski boots just right for you.

A Custom Fit

Sidas Ski Boot Fitting

Experienced and trained ski boot fitters can customise your boots to match your specific needs and skiing ability or level. They can address any unique foot shape, alignment issues, or other concerns you may have.

They will look to maximise comfort by fine-tuning your ski boots, so they’re personalised for you. From the smallest detail like the correct sock choice to custom ski boot liners.

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I'm sure many of you have experienced cold or numb toes this can be a common issue with ill-fitting boots, but a well-fitted pair could alleviate this problem. For those of us out there who may suffer from Raynauds or other circularatory conditions a boot fitter can install heated products to allow for all day warmth.

Boot fitters are often experienced skiers who can provide valuable advice on selecting the right boots and fine-tuning them for your specific needs.

Overall Skiing Experience.

Comfortable, well-fitted ski boots will enhance your overall skiing experience. You can focus on enjoying the slopes and improving your skills rather than dealing with discomfort or pain.

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So, to get the most out of your skiing experience, it's worth investing time and potentially some extra money in a professional ski boot fitting. A good fit can make a significant difference in your skiing performance, safety, and enjoyment!

Looking for a recommended boot fitter? We can point you in the right direction, get in touch.

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