The 'unthought' of essentials for Trail Running

The 'unthought' of essentials for Trail Running

Keeping in theme with our trail running series, we asked a handful of our ambassadors for their top 3 invisible essentials for hitting the trails.

The responses were varied and very interesting...

Tim Pigott (@timpigotthp3)

cedar wood dryer bags

Tim is an ambassador and runs for Scarpa, a physiotherapist, running coach and holder of the Spine Summer Challenger course record! Tim said:

Number 1. Fisherman’s friends… they refresh my mouth and give me a bit of a wake when running through the night.

Then A good playlist is a must, and double bagging your emergency kit would be my top three.

Although, keeping it ‘on brand’, the cedar wood dryer bags for after a race or training run. They dry my shoes and insoles perfectly.”



Elsey Davis (@elseydavis)

A professional athlete for Team The North Face, Elsey is taking time out from her professional career in medicine to pursue success in mountain running. Elsey is also supported by Sidas, Oakley, Coros, Team Vaga and Maurten. Here are Elsey’s top essentials.


“Hey! Gosh that’s a difficult one!


I use the app Footpath for route plotting and Ventusky for mountain weather conditions. These have been super helpful.

Next, I’d say using a sealable sandwich bag for my emergency kit, so it doesn’t get soaked from sweat or rain when in my pack.

My third choice would be my shoe dryers! They’re awesome.”



Alex Sophie (@alexsophie_)

Asics frontrunner, Ultra/mountain runner, part time adventurer… accident prone mountain goat.

Okay, my unthought of essentials…
Spare socks, I always carry a spare pair especially on multi day events.
Blister plasters! I always, always carry these in my footcare kit. They’re there for the ‘just in case’ moments. 
Salt tablets, by Salt Sticks



Rich Gill (@rich.trails)

A man of many talents… teacher, photographer, trail runner and blogger! We proudly support Rich in his adventures alongside Styrkr UK nutrition, Man Cave and We are Sun God.

A morning stretch. I tend to spend 10 minutes every morning and especially before a run stretching off and loosening the stiff joints. Someone once told me… “you wouldn’t compromise on a morning hygiene routine, so, as a runner/athlete why should you compromise on stretching?” I know it as… 'Muscle Hygiene'. Adding to my morning ritual for long weekend training or races, I will eat slow-release carbs that sit well in my stomach. This will most likely be porridge, Chia seeds and Blueberries. Oh, and not forgetting a good strong Exhale coffee an hour or so before leaving.”

“Then, Good Socks are a must! I absolutely get on with the Sidas anatomic socks. Trusted and technical for both hitting the trail and road racing. I have used them for a while now and I have never had any issues with blisters or foot movement within my shoes.”



Hopefully, these little insights into what some of our ambassadors use, do and see as essential have been useful. 

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