Our Brands: Sidas, Your Foot Company

Our Brands: Sidas, Your Foot Company

Sidas, Your Foot Company.

Since 1975 Sidas have been a leader in comfort and well-being for your feet. Sidas designs products around the foot and lower limb to offer 360 ° comfort.
Today the brand has developed solutions for all sports and every day life including: Insoles, Socks, Sandals, Molding and sanding machines, analysis devices and bootfitting tools. To keep moving forward allowing you to forget about your feet…
Satisfying patients, athletes and the general public from a combination of care, comfort and well-being. Sidas’ mission is to contribute to this goal alongside specialist retail partners

Our business sectors
- Sports/Leisure
- Medical, Health & Wellness
- Daily Life
- Work/Industry
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