In the Shoes of...

In the Shoes of...

In the shoes of...

What is the tool that the athlete uses the most in trail running? What is the tool that they give the least importance to on a daily basis, as opposed to food, sleep or training? The foot!

With this in mind runners hunt for the small details to make up big results... the infamous search for marginal gains that can make the difference between a new PB or winning at the UTMB.

Globally, Sidas work with elite athletes competing at the highest levels within their field and young upcoming athletes such as Team Sidas Matryx. 

An elite Trail team with big ambitions and "small" details

Team Matryx® is aiming for the top of the trail. That's good news, so are we! Through the partnership with this young and ambitious team, composed of the most talented trail runners in France, we want to put our expertise at the service of performance. This by providing these athletes with a global foot care solution including a new range of socks and customised insoles perfectly adapted to their practice.

Because, even if we tend to forget, the foot is the runner's fundamental instrument. And even more so at high levels. This is the reason for our partnership with Team Matryx® who, in their quest for the smallest marginal gain, do not want to leave anything to chance. Especially not the comfort of their feet, because that is where the pleasure and performance of trail running comes from.
A global solution for the care of runners' feet
Often, in running, bad reflexes have been observed: restricting foot comfort to the choice of shoe alone. In reality, feeling good in your trainers is the result of a global solution, an alchemy between shoes, socksinsoles and all the by-products that make the difference. The athletes we support already have the footwear, we provide them with the rest. The benefits of a global solution adapted to the needs of the athlete are twofold: performance and injury prevention.
What is the key to performance?
The key driver of performance for our athletes, both globally and the UK, whether at the international, national or local level is...
Comfort! Good socks, a good footcare routine, and an adapted insole are the promise of pain-free feet, with a significant reduction in the risk of blisters and injuries. The runner can then focus solely and serenely on their effort, the fluidity of the stride, and enjoyment... that's where performance is born!

"I love wearing the anatomic running socks! These perfectly structured, technical socks prove to super comfortable and supportive..."

What do our UK athletes & ambassadors use and approve?

Elsey Whyman-Davis: Based in Stockport, Elsey competes international on the Golden Trail Series. Recently grabbing a top 5 finish in the Trans Gran Canaria Ultra, and that was after a fall!

- "I love the fit of the socks , they feel really nice and  happily wear them for training and competition"... "The footcare kit is great to have to care for blisters and a bit of pre sesh self care."

Agnieska Dudlik: Based in Kendal, 'Aggie' is social runner who ran 5km everyday throughout 2020. 

- "The Cedar Wood Dryer Bags are the perfect solution for my damp running or hiking shoes.The absorb the moisture quickly and they get rid of any bad odur! They're a brilliant idea, I love them."

Rich Gill (@rich.trails): Ambassador & Running Guide for Trail Pursuit

- "I love wearing the anatomic running socks! These perfectly structured, technical socks prove to super comfortable and supportive... helping me 'smash' my half marathon PB by 8 minutes!" ... " I have been super impressed with the 3Feet Run Sense (mid) insoles. I feel my stride is aligned and they're super responsive on the trail." 

 Check out our full range of running products to see what could work for you... or give the tried & tested products ago... try them, love them just like millions of others.





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