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Blackroll Mini | Massage Roller

The Blackroll Mini Massage Roller is a useful recovery aid for anyone who is looking to minimise muscle tension. It is super lightweight, weighing just 18g, and is small enough to carry around on a day-to-day basis.

Massaging your muscles after exercising helps to relieve tightness and improves circulation for faster recovery. The Mini Roller from Blackroll targets the smaller muscle groups, particularly in the feet and arms, and is versatile enough for anyone one to use. It is also ideal for relieving tension in the neck and lower arms after a day in the office.

Whether you have an active lifestyle or just need to relieve some tension caused by day-to-day activities, the Blackroll Mini Massage Roller will aid with recovery, keeping your muscles active and strain-free for longer!

  • Made from: 100% recycled materials
  • Size: 15cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 18g
  • Great for: Relieving muscle tension and soreness; targeting smaller areas such as the foot.
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